Fei Fei

The bad girl of EDM takes no prisoners. Fei-Fei has transformed into one of the top leading female DJ’s and producers in electronic music today and she’s doing it her way.

She’s trashing the old stereotypes, lighting them on fire, and unleashing her wild side. 2010 is the year to get Feided as Fei-Fei launches her own imprint. Feided spawns a bold and edgy sound – artists daring to push the boundaries of trance, tech and progressive.

Feided blasts onto the scene ripping all the way to Beatport’s Top 10 Charts with Fei-Fei’s latest track Daska. Daksa debuted on Tiesto’s Club Life where the man himself dubs Fei-Fei “the bad girl of trance”.

After dancing across Tiesto’s Club Life, winning the Global Selection on Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast, getting a brilliant review in Mixmag and a feature spread in DJ Times, Fei-Fei is in full force and Feided is about to wreak some major havoc! Do you feel it? It’s time to get FEIDED…

Fei Fei
Los Angeles, California