Tyler Michaud

With his diverse and energetic sound, Tyler Michaud has firmly emerged as one of the most promising leaders of the next generation of DJs and producers.

Tipped by the British ‘Mixmag Magazine’ as the “Talented & Confident Audio-Bully“; his impressive production repertoire has been released on numerous top electronic music labels including Tiesto’s Black Hole, Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit Records, Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Recordings, and several other major commercial and independent music imprints.

While having been playlisted and featured by almost every A-list DJ imaginable, Tyler has been busy crafting a style which is best described as an aggressive journey through massive electronic basslines, hard industrial guitar riffs, glitchy techno grooves, and mystifying organic melodies. This is best showcased on his own New School Recordings label, as well as his “New School Radio” monthly show which is currently hosted on several different syndicate stations & platforms.

Inspired by a wide array of styles from melodic techno, rock, & metal, to electronica, trance, and dirty electro; Tyler‘s music is both well-rounded, exciting, and distinct.

Tyler Michaud

As a DJ, Producer, Record Label Owner, Composer, & Performer, he continues to defy the boundaries of what can be done by most competing artists in the time-frame of a week, all mashed into his exhausting single 24 hour day. It is quite clear from all the noise Tyler has made this year and last that he has been hard at work refining his fresh and heavy hitting “New School” style which has offered him the position of being America’s next rising-star DJ, as well as a lead player in electronic music.

Having firmly cemented his name into the books of dance music history, Tyler‘s signature New School style & technique lends an innovative, unique, and revitalizing character to what has now become a generic and saturated music industry in the new and uneasy era of illegal internet downloading & digitally released music. In an age where most underground artists and songs have quickly become an unprofitable, free-of-charge, and low-demand commodity, Tyler‘s persistence and talent in overcoming these music scene norms has quickly led him to production and remix work for some of the industry’s most highly respected DJ’s, such as Grammy-nominated artist Paul Van Dyk who has recently hailed Tyler as “One of the best Producer-DJ’s of the next generation”, and the “Worlds most under-rated DJ”, as quoted in the prestigious ‘DJ Magazine’. These days the possibilities seem endless as Tyler begins to dive into new projects such as video games, movies, & commercial music production & licensing with corporate companies such as Sony Music, Monster Energy Drink, Armani Clothing, & Universal.

Despite all achievements and career accolades, Tyler has really only just begun to scratch the surface of what will clearly be a long & illustrious stay in the music industry. All the right pieces are in place, and 2010 will surely be an impressive year for Tyler Michaud, as well as the dedicated fans & lovers of his intense next-generation, genre-defying electronic music sound.

Boston, MA, USA