NSR009 : Tyler Michaud & Mat Zo – Battle Royal

Tyler Michaud & Mat Zo team up for a third EP! This time, it’s in-your-face hard edged club music with an original mix that can be labeled as a cross between experimental electro house and tripped-out organic trance.

Both young players, but veterans to the electronic music scene, these 2 producer-dj’s look as if they will both have a massive 2010. This has also been predicted by big industry players Paul Van Dyk & Above and Beyond who mentioned in their DJ Magazine Top 100 interviews that both Tyler & Mat were two of the premier upcoming talents in dance music. Now, these two artists are back for their third EP to date, succeeding their well-received 2009 ‘Stubby EP’ with John Acquaviva on Definitive Recordings.

This package has something for everybody. The original mix was the experimental brain-child of Tyler & Mat in early 2009, and with the twisted abstract sounds the project yielded, we at New School rightfully decided to give the track an amazing run on the remix front.

Stellar renditions of the track come from remix artists Robert Burian, and Thomas Penton. Penton returns to the label and once again delivers a new-school techy club bomb with his tech-trance ‘Stripwalker’ artist alias. Be sure not to miss this one!