NSR040: GR33D – Storm Sliced / Conundrum

Electro elements, glitchy sounds and dreamy vocals meet each other in a shadow of lights contained within this new track from undoubtedly our most egotistical and pompous artist, GR33D.

Similar to the calm before the rain, ‘Stormsliced‘ catapults you into a moody state where your senses are being stirred by inexplicable emotions until a torrential downpour of rain with a foul cloudy shitstorm surrounds you to add a petite slice of joy to your day.

Perfect for the after-hours parties, this next release from New School walks the fine line between techno club banger and melodic deep house that you can groove and wind down to.

The B-Side, Conundrum, is jam packed with industrial elements, dark saws and pumping basslines.

Not for the faint of – well, anything really, this tune promises to tear apart any techno party, bringing the maximal abandoned warehouse rave vibes directly to your eardrum’s.