New School Radio Services

Here at New School we offer a variety of services including:


Have a track with all the great epic melodies & roaring baselines, but your mix doesn’t sound quite up to snuff with other professional audio recordings? Is that vocal or main lead synth a bit to flat in the mix? Let one of our engineers take your rough demo and make it sound like a professional masterpiece!

Production Tutorials

Have Skype, or frequent google hangouts? Want to know how to make that roaring Skrillex dubstep bass, Deamau5’s distorted electro, or Armin Van Buuren’s dreamy trance leads? Let one of our producer’s coach you through the synth/sound-design process so you’re making your own amazing sounds, instead of using the same old patches everyone else is.

Ghost Production

Have a great idea of what you want your music to be, but don’t quite have the skills yet to make it a reality? Let one of our producers bring your vision to fruition and create your track from start to finish with YOUR ideas, and YOUR desired direction.

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We accept payment via Paypal, Bankwire and Bitcoin.